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Basic Info:

Full name: Theodore "Ted" Wiggins
Age: 12 (13 in Paradisa)
Birthday: March 2nd (aka Dr. Seuss's birthday)
Movie: The Lorax
Canon: before the song "Let it Grow"
Loss: memories of Audrey
Room: 1510; Design
Song: Big Yellow Taxi

*operating heavy machinery
*causing spontaneous musical numbers
*living twelve years in a world of polluted water, fake air and jello


Ted grew up an only child, raised by his mother with his grandmother living with them. In his world everything is fake: the food, the trees, even the air. He never saw a real tree before and probably never thought about them. He spent his days riding his scooter around town and playing outside. Thanks to a stray ball, Ted met a girl named Audrey that he formed an instant crush on. She was years older than him but Ted still made every effort to see her.

One day when visiting her, Ted saw a painting Audrey did of trees. This was Ted’s first view of them and was fascinated. Audrey told him she would “pretty much marry him on the spot” if anyone brought her a living tree. Hearing that sent Ted on a quest to find a tree for her. He asked his family where to get one and though his mother act flippant about it, his grandmother was more responsive and told him about the Once-ler. Later that night he went beyond the walls of town in order to meet with this mysterious Once-ler. This was his first view of the ruined valley. It was a perilous trip with some near-misses but he continued on until he arrived at the Once-ler’s place.

Initially the Once-ler wasn’t very welcoming, but once Ted mentioned trees the older man was more willing to share his story. Ted was impatient to get to the point, and annoyed when the story was cut short, but he agreed to come back again anyway. However, on his way to the Once-ler’s house the next day he ran into Aloysius O’Hare, the mayor of Thneedville and owner of O’Hare Air. The business man felt threatened by Ted’s interest in trees and tried encouraging the boy away from it.

But Ted ignored it and went out again to hear the second part of the story. This time he listened without interrupting, and was more upbeat about finally hearing trees. However, on his third trip the usual path was closed off by O’Hare. This only made Ted pause for a moment before he found a more creative way to leave town. He not only managed this, but he did so while carrying a bag of marshmallows as a gift for the Once-ler.

At last Ted heard the final piece of the story, learning of how the trees were all cut down and the animals driven from their homes. With the story finished, the Once-ler entrusted Ted with the very last Truffula seed. Ted was more than willing to take it into town and plant it where everyone could see. O’Hare caught wind of this and did everything he could to stop Ted from planting the seed. Ted enlisted the help of his family and Audrey; they all worked together to get the tree to the square. Once they got there they still met with O’Hare’s manipulations and were having trouble convincing the townspeople of their need for trees. That was when Ted got the idea of breaking down the wall, to force the townspeople to face the reality of their town.


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How's my driving? I am extremely self-conscious, so please be gentle when you give crit.


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